Gambeson thick padded Medieval coat Aketon vest Jacket Armor SCA COSTUMES DRESS

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Item specifics

XL SIZE: Chest-47"Length From Shoulder-33.5"Sleeve-22" Style: Vest Armor n Dress
2XL SIZE: Chest-50"Length From Shoulder- 34"Sleeve-25" Size: all
3XL SIZE: Chest-54"Length From Shoulder- 34"Sleeve-25" Color: red or white
4XL SIZE: Chest-56"Length From Shoulder-34"Sleeve-25" Material: Cotton & acrylic blend
5XL SIZE: Chest-58"Length From Shoulder-36"Sleeve-26" Brand: Handmade
6XL SIZE: Chest-60"Length From Shoulder-36"Sleeve-26" Country/Region of Manufacture: India
7XL SIZE: Chest-62"Length From Shoulder-36"Sleeve-26" SIZE MEDIUM: Chest-41" Length From Shoulder- 33.5" Sleeve-22"
8XL SIZE: Chest-64"Length From Shoulder-36"Sleeve-26" SIZE Large: Chest-44" Length From Shoulder- 33.5" Sleeve-22"
9XL SIZE: Chest-66"Length From Shoulder-36"Sleeve-26